Fig Jam and Foxtrot

Fig Jam and Foxtrot is a cookbook with delicious recipes and heartgoing Karoo stories.
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Book title: Fig Jam and Foxtrot
Subtitle: Tales of Life, Love and Food in the Karoo
Author: Lynn Bedford Hall
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2003
ISBN 9781868728688 ISBN 978-1-86872-868-8
Softcover, 18 x 25 cm, 192 pages, several illustrations


What makes this cookbook different? It is a book combining fact and fiction, delicious recipes providing the fact, and stories of the women of a small Karoo town providing the fiction. Although the women, like their little town of Corriebush, are fictitious, author Lynn Bedford Hall has attributed the recipes to them. Because they are so different in character, each woman brings a new approach to her menu - the recipes are diverse, exciting and tailored to suit today’s tastes. 'Fig Jam and Foxtrot' is a book that can be enjoyed while relaxing, feet up, and reading about Rosa, the town’s Italian beauty, or it can be shared with family and friends after preparing Rosa’s Fast Fusilli with Rocket. Or read about Olympia from Greece and her tragic tale, and then savour her Pilaff with Mushrooms and Prawns. There are six women, six absorbing tales and over 80 delectable dishes. And with Lynn’s tried-and-tested recipes, you cannot possibly go wrong.