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Swapo's Struggle for Namibia, 1960-1991

Swapo's Struggle for Namibia, 1960-1991

Swapo's Struggle for Namibia, 1960-1991, analyses tne struggle of the South West Africa People's Organisation for the independence of Namibia.
Dobell, Lauren

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Title: Swapo's Struggle for Namibia, 1960-1991
Subtitle: War by Other Means
Author: Lauren Dobell
Genre: History
Basel Namibia Studies Series 3
P. Schlettwein Publishing
2nd edition, Basel 2000
ISBN 3908193028 / ISBN 3-908193-02-8
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 175 pages


Lauren Dobeil's study analyses the struggle of the South West Africa People's Organisation (SWAPO) for the independence of Namibia. It is the first in-depth study of the history of the former liberation organisation and its vision of the social, economic and political order to be achieved in an independent Namibia. Based on extensive research and interviews with Key figures in Namibian politics, Dobell provides readers with background essential for understanding the functioning of Swapo as Namibia's ruling party since independence from South Africa in 1990.

Content: Swapo's Struggle for Namibia, 1960-1991

Basel Namibia Studies Series
Note on the 2nd edition
Introduction by Colin Leys
Swapo's Struggle for Namibia, 1960-1991: War by Other Means by Lauren Dobell
Author's note
Preface and acknowledgements

Theory, Concepts and Sources
+ Selection of documents
+ Theoretical underpinnings
- The politics of resistance (1960-88)
- The politics of transition (1988-90)
- The politics of power (1990-1991)
The Politics of Resistance: 1960-1988
+ 35 Somerset Road
+ At the United Nations
+ Armed struggle: Arrows vs Alouettes
+ The Tanga Congress
+ The struggle at home: 1970-1974
+ The politics of socialist resistance
+ The struggle inside
+ The 1975 Discussion Paper on the Constitution
+ The struggle outside
+ The Walvis Bay Conference
+ The Report of the Ya Otto Commission
+ The 1976 Political Programme
+ National Programme
+ International resources and the diplomatic campaign
+ Material and financial resources
+ Moral resources
+ Diplomatic resources
+ Conclusion
The Politics of Transition: 1978-1990
+ Determinants of the Namibian settlement
+ Prospects for democracy
+ Limits to democracy
+ Extending democracy
+ Backdrop to independence
+ SWAPO prepares for independence
+ Conclusion
The Politics of Power: 1990-1991
+ The politics of power and the politics of support
+ The politics of power
+ The politics of support
+ National reconciliation
+ Civil society
+ Swapo's conception of development
+ The International Donors' conference
+ The 1990 Budget
+ Taking stock
+ Land reform
+ The road to the Swapo Congress
+ The Swapo Congress
+ Lessons from the Congress
+ Conclusion
Appendix: Notes On Sources
Secondary literature
Primary material
Select Bibliography

+ Published sources:
- Books and articles
- Newspapers, journals and periodicals
- Unpublished sources:
- Swapo
- Other political parties and pressure groups
- United Nations:
- United Nations/UNIN-sponsored conferences
- Government of Namibia
- Land Conference, June 25-July 1, 1991
- South African government, interim governments, Administrator-General Theses
- Conference papers, church and NGO reports. Government documents, and other unpublished sources
- Conferences on Namibia (partial list)
- Formal interviews
Index (names, organizations, places)