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A Hand-Full of Namibians (CD)

A Hand-Full of Namibians (CD)

With 16 beautiful songs and one of the best Namibian albums, A Hand-Full of Namibians pleases everyone who enjoys African music.
and Papa Wemba

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Album: A Hand-Full of Namibians
Artists: see listed in text
Arranger: Christian Polloni
Genre: Griot, Pop Rock, Afrobeat, Funk
Label: Hothouse Production
Namibia, France 2004
Audio CD, 68 minutes, 16 songs

About: A Hand-Full of Namibians (CD)

A Hand-Full of Namibians & Papa Wemba is a spectacular Namibian album with 16 songs and full song-texts provided in cover leaflet. It remains one of the best Namibian albums created and is a masterpiece, as it showcases a nice balance of traditional, contemporary and mainstream sounds and influences. Produced by Christian Polloni, this is a compilation album that boasted a rich variety of talented Namibian artists and musicians. People like Jabulani Moyo (Clarinet), Erwin Gawaseb (Bass), Ermelinda Thataone, Exile Isaacks, Frieda Haindaka, George Eichab, Jackson Kaujeua Jnr., Jacky Pacheco, Johannes Fortune, Linus Sechogele, Nabuli Nashandi, Patricia Ochurus, Sharon Von Rooi, Frieda Haindaka, Linus Sechogele, Joe Jeffrey, Exile Isaacks, Ras Sheehama, Boli Mootseng, Jackson Kaujeua, Keni Mweshihange (background vocals), Nathanael Iipinge, David Teren (Drums), Salec Haraseb ( Drums, Backing Vocals), Polina Loubnina (Flute), Eghard Volschenk, Jackson Wahengo, Michael Mingeli, Sebulon Gomachab (Guitar), Christopher West, Ibrahim Lusala, Johannes Swartbooi AKA Yellow (Percussion), Randy Hu (Violin), Paul Kisting (Trumpet), Dennis Eiseb, Steven Naruchab (Keyboards), Immanuel Karumazondo (Mbira), Ngatu Kondje Naganjone AKA Ngatu (guitar, percussion) and even DRC legend Papa Wemba. It makes perfect sense that this remarkable album is titled 'A Handful of Namibians'.

Content: A Hand-Full of Namibians (CD)

01. Ga Lo Itse
02. Beautiful World
03. Sediegi
04. Kuruman
05. Heela
06. Black Man
07. Beggars And Superstars
08. Coming
09. Pau
10. Viva
11. Remember

and Papa Wemba: A Hand-Full of Namibians