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Who's Who Career Guide for Future Leaders (in Namibia)

Who's Who Career Guide for Future Leaders (in Namibia)

Who's Who Career Guide for future leaders in Namibia offers a reasonable concept for making first successful career decisions right from the start.
Visser, Thea

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Title: Who's Who Career Guide for Future Leaders
Executive editor: Thea Visser
Publisher: Virtual Marketing
Windhoek, Namibia 2017
ISSN 2026-7738
ISBN 9772026773008
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 149 pages, throughout colour photos

About: Who's Who Career Guide for Future Leaders (in Namibia)

We, as the publishers of the well-known and respected business guide, the Who's Who Namibia, were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received on the first edition of the Career Guide for Future Leaders. One such feedback that we just MUST share with you came from the Oshinamumwe Combined School, a rural school near Omuthiya in the Oshikoto Region. We quote from their letter: "We would like to inform you that the copies of the 2015 Career Guide that your office so kindly sent to our school had a hugely positive impact on our learners. As you will know, most schools in the rural areas of Namibia continuously experience a lack of access to information, especially in terms of career guidance that we can share with our learners.

The "Who's Who Career Guide for Future Leaders" was a much-needed and highly appreciated guide that our learners eagerly read from cover to cover. And even more importantly, when we analysed our Grade 10 results for 2015, we were astounded: our Grade 10 pass rate increased from 75% to an amazing 98%.' When we asked the learners why they did so well during 2015, as nothing else changed during the year compared to other years, they said that the Career Guide motivated them to study harder, as they now have a much better idea of what career they want to follow, and what it would entail in terms of subjects they need to select, as well as j the marks they need to obtain.

We were all pleasantly surprised and felt it important to share this good news with you and your team." We feel very privileged that we could contribute in our small way to make a difference in some learners' lives. Because we know, choosing the right career can be difficult. But it is worth the effort to spend time and energy to make sure you choose the right career, as it will have huge impacts on your life. Imagine loving to go to work every day! This career guide offers information on the ten most popular careers in Namibia. We trust that the guide will inspire and motivate young Namibians to make the right career choices and to help you accomplish your dreams.

Content: Who's Who Career Guide for Future Leaders (in Namibia)

The accounting profession is particularly important because any business needs competent financial resources
If you want to help people, the environment or produce a healthy and sustainable food supply, agriculture may be for you
Business & Entrepreneurs
A career in business and entrepreneurship offers unlimited opportunities
Make a difference to other young people's lives, choose a career in education
Engineering is technical and requires a high level of analytic and mathematical skills
Health Care
If you like to help people, taking their pain away or caring for them, the health care industry offers many opportunities
Information Technology
IT has become an integral part of business, the public sector and any other industry you can think of
A career in the legal profession can be intellectually challenging, personally fulfilling and financially rewarding
Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
If you love travel, consider a career in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry
Vocational & trade careers
Vocational and trade schools are a great way to specialise in the field of your choice and start your career quickly
Ten questions to ask yourself
Asking these ten questions can help you identify the career you'll love.
Top 5 soft skills you will need
Develop these five soft skills will help you to succeed in your path through life and in your studies
Get good grades stress-free
Most students don't realise: stress is not a natural part of studing; here are some tips on how to study stress-free
Ten things to remember
As you start thinking about career options, here are some advice for the days ahead.
Scholarship offered
It's often a challenge to get funding for your studies. However, scholarships can offer a great alternative, as usually most, if not all, study and living costs are covered by the scholarship. A list of institutions that offer scholarship — take advantage of it!
Where to obtain a loan to study
Several banks and institutions offer study loans. Make use of them to open up your world.
Ways to pay for your studies
Bursaries are available in most study fields, but it takes some searching to find the right one for you. Here is where to start looking.