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All About South Africa

All About South Africa

All About South Africa is a comprehensive reference book of choice for South African schoolchildren when looking for information about the country.
Marsh, Rob

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Title: All About South Africa
Authors: Rob Marsh
Publisher: Random House Struik (Struik Lifestyle)
Cape Town, South Africa 2013
ISBN 9781431700967 / ISBN 978-1-4317-0096-7
Softcover, 24 x 30 cm, 164 pages, numerous photographs and illustrations


All About South Africa is a comprehensive reference book for all South African children with enquiring minds and a lively interest in the world around them. Packed with colourful photographs and illustrations, the simple and thematically presented text is both easy to read and to understand. This fascinating introduction to our country looks at life in southern Africa long, long ago, and explores the culture of our land and the people who helped shape our unique South African community. It provides an intriguing insight into the ever-changing world of science and technology and our sometimes puzzling economy. This valuable reference work also introduces young readers to our equally important natural heritage: the coasts, mountains and climate of the land, and the country's rich variety of wildlife. This well-researched and visually stimulating volume offers all this information and much, much more. Complemented by lists of recommended places to see, All About South Africa is an essential addition to the bookshelf of every Souh African child.

Content: All About South Africa

The Earth; Rocks and Fossils; Life Long Ago; Early Humans
The San and the Khoikhoi; The Nguni-speakers; People of the Interior; Our Earliest Visitors; Early Days at the Cape; Slaves at the Cape; Change at the Cape; On the Move; The 1820 Settlers; The Great Trek; The Warrior King; Wars in the Eastern Cape; Conflict in the East; Boer versus Briton; South Africa's Peoples Facts and Figures; Black Nationalism and the Liberation Struggle; Government and Politics; Milestones in South African History
Traditional South African Crafts; Art in South Africa; The Performing Arts; Musical Medley; Books and Newspapers; Homes and Houses; Sport and Recreation
Towns and Cities 66 Rescue Services and Road Safety; Caring for Others
The Star-spangled Sky; Keeping in Touch; Lighting up the Land; Transport; Arms and Armour
Mining Gold and Minerals; Turning Our Wheels; Diamond Mining; South Africa at Work; Killing Our Planet; Working the Land; Stock Farming; Crop Farming; Money and Banking
Our Coasts and Oceans; Seashore Life; Estuaries; Water for a Thirsty Land; Mountains and Caves; Land of Wonder; Erosion; The Weather and the Climate; Forecasting the Weather; Natural Disasters
Preserving Our Country; Endangered Wildlife; Discovering Our Mammals; The Cat Family; Antelopes and Buffalo; Curious Creatures; Reptiles; Amphibians; Freshwater Fish; Sea Fish; Whales, Dolphins and Sharks; Venomous Creatures; Incredible Insects; Birds of Prey; Our Coastal Birds; Birds Around You; Where They Grow; Flowers and Trees
Photographic, Illustrative and Map Credits