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Map of South Africa (Reise Know-How)

Map of South Africa (Reise Know-How)

This reliable Map of South Africa (1:1.400.000) published by Reise Know-How is part of the World Mapping Project series.
Reise Know-How

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Title: Südafrika / Map of South Africa
Scale: 1:1.400.000
Type: Road map; travel map
Publisher: Reise Know-How Verlag
12th editon, Markgröningen-Germany 2013
ISBN 9783831771059 / ISBN 978-3-8317-7105-9
Fold-up map, 70x100 cm, both-sided print


Published by the German expert Reise Know-How in the series World Mapping Project, this is a very reliable and easy to read map of South Africa at a scale of 1:1.400.000. Printed on PolyArt the map is water proof and untearable and reaches up to Marienthal in Nambia. The map further shows Botswana, and, but in smaller parts, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Reise Know-How's Map of South Africa consists of topographic features like contour lines with height indication and elevations displayed in colour schemes. Skilled map users will appreciate the map grid at full degrees which features co-ordinates as well, refering to an index of place names. The detailed legend is in English, French, Spanish, Russian and German.

Map range: Map of South Africa (Reise Know-How):

16°30' East - 32°30' East
22°00' South - 35°00' South