Field Guide to the Mammals of the Kruger National Park

A very good guide to all mammals known to occur in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.
Schütze, Heike
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Title: Field Guide to the Mammals of the Kruger National Park
Author: Heike Schütze
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2002
ISBN 9781868725946 / ISBN 978-1-86872-594-6
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 220 pages, throughout colour photos


The Kruger National Park in Southern Africa boasts a huge variety of mammals, ranging from bushbabies to elephants. This text describes all the mamilian species known to occur in the park. Detailed information is provided on the distribution and habitiat, diet, reproduction, physical characteristics and behaviour of each species, as well as predation rates and percentage kills, unique and specific to the Kruger National park. Each description contains details in a summary box, providing the reader with accessible and pertinent information at a glance. Where relevant, spoor drawings have been included alongside the text. Accompanying each description are full-colour photographs to facilitate quick and easy identification; distribution maps cover both the Kruger National Park and the African continent.

Content: Field Guide to the Mammals of the Kruger National Park

Introduction to the Kruger National Park
How to use this book
Basic tips for mammal watching
Ecozones of Africa and the Kruger National Park
Regional map of the Kruger National Park
Proboscids • Order Proboscidea
Elephant: Family Elephantidae
Odd-toed ungulates • Order Perissodactyla
Rhinoceroses: Family Rhinocerotidae
Zebra: Family Equidae
Even-toed ungulates • Order Artiodactyla
Hippopotamus: Family Hippopotamidae
Giraffe: Family Giraffidae
Buffalo and antelope: Family Bovidae
Pigs and hogs: Family Suidae
Hyraxes (Dassies) • Order Hyracoidea
Hyraxes (Dassies): Family Procavidae
Aardvark • Order Tubulidentata
Aardvark: Family Orycteropodidae
Carnivores • Order Carnivora
Hyaenas: Family Hyaenidae
Cats: Family Felidae
Dogs jackals and foxes: Family Canidae
Civets and genets: Family Viverridae
Mongooses: Family Herpestidae
Otters badger and polecat: Family Mustelidae
Primates • Order Primates
Baboon and Monkeys: Family Cercopi+hecidae
Bushbabies: Family Galagonidae
Scaly Ant-eaters • Order Pholidota
Pangolin: Family Manidae
Hares and Rabbits • Order Lagomorpha
Hares and Rabbits; Family Leporidae
Insectivores • Order Insectivora
Hedgehog: Family Erinaceidae
Golden moles: Family Chrysochloridae
Shrews; Family Soricidae
Elephant Shrews • Order Macroscelidea
Elephant shrews: Family Macroscelidinae
Rodents • Order Rodentia
Porcupine: Family Hystricidae
Springhare: Family Pedetidae
Squirrel: Family Sciuridae
Canerat: Family Thryonomyidae
Molerat; Family Bathyergidae
Dormouse: Family Gliridae
Rats and mice; Family Muridae
Bats • Order Chiroptera
Fruit bats: Family Pteropodidae
Sheath-tailed bats: Family Emballonuridae
Slit-faced bats; Family Nycteridae
Horseshoe bats; Family Rhinolophidae
Leaf-nosed bats: Family Hipposideridae
Free-tailed bats: Family Molossidae
Common Evening and Vesper bats: Family Vespertilionidae
Appendix 1: Field signs and tracking tips
Appendix 2; Predator/prey relationships (graphs & tables)
Suggested further reading
Index to scientific names
Index to Afrikaans common names
Index to English common