Bushman curse

Bushman curse is a hunting novel based on a true story that took place in Northern Namibia.
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Title: Bushman curse
Author: Mihail Mihaylov (Misho)
Genre: Novel
Publisher: Kuiseb Publishers
Windhoek, Namibia 2010
ISBN 9789994571253 / ISBN 978-99945-71-25-3
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 87 pages, b/w illustrations


The hunter had left Okatuwa six days earlier. He had decided to follow the tracks of the animals fleeing from the drought. He walked in the night, from sunset to dawn, dozing off in the shadows of withered acacia trees during the day, but he could neither find fresh tracks, nor catch sight of a single animal. Sometimes he saw passing birds high in the sky, all heading north-east to the Okavango delta. He wondered if the time had come for the people from his village to go that way. But how could they leave their healthy land? !Guge was convinced that if they migrated to the marshy Okavango, half of the Bushmen would die from malaria as soon as the first rainy season was over. The rest would die later of other kinds of diseases they were not accustomed to. The local tribe - Caprivians - would look unfavourably on them, just as the Bushmen had frowned on the newcomers to the Kalahari. And most importantly, the Okavango was a reserve in which hunting was strictly forbidden, whereas the Bushmen were hunters. They had never raised cattle in the past. There was plenty of open field for them to hunt and game was abundant. But with the advance of civilisation more and more land of the Kalahari was immersed. The Bushmen's pursuit of game became limited and they were forced to raise some livestock, but not for meat - only for milk and dowries. From time immemorial hunting had been their only means of livelihood and they were desperately trying to maintain this ancient tradition. Slaughtering of cattle was considered sacrilege in his village. There was not a single cloud in the sky. With his head burrowed under the dry branches of an acacia tree, the Bushman waited for the sun to set. [...]