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Exploring the Kalahari. DVD Film

Exploring the Kalahari. DVD Film

A fascinating film on DVD exploring remote places in the Kalahari with Mike Main and how to get there safe 4x4.

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Film title: Exploring the Kalahari
Presenter: Andrew St Pierre White
Publisher: Footsteps Entertainment
Film, DVD, PAL, 90 minutes, Pan & Scan, English, German (subtitles)



Mike Main and Andrew St. Pierre White present a unique perspective of some of the remotest parts of the Kalahari as well as specific driving techniques for that area. They explain geological and natural aspects of points of interest as well as interesting historical facts.

Also, the experienced outdoor traveller Main gives good and surprising advice to the novice in Botswana. Main had come to Botswana nearly forty years ago and has become so familiar with its history, culture and people that one hardly would find anyone more experienced and gifted in telling about it. It is a pleasure to hear what Mike Main knows about the visited place in the South Kalahari.

The places are Sekoma Pan, the Red Kalahari Dunes and environment, century-old waterholes, the natural spring at Mosu. Furtheron he introduces the ancient shoreline of the vast Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and, south of Sowa Pan, the largest flat area in the world. Next halt is Kubu Island, the rock wall and a trip to a most beautiful island. Andrew St Pierre White makes films on the 4x4 genre, always very interesting and with useful information for the foreign traveller.