River Journeys

River Journeys describes what it is like to take a passage through today's world at a human pace in Africa, Asia and South America.
Russell Braddon; Christina Dodwell
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Book title: River Journeys
Authors: Russell Braddon; Christina Dodwell
British Broadcasting Corp
First edition, London 1984
ISBN 0563202041
Original hardcover, original dustjacket, 17x26 cm, 208 pages, throughout colour photos


Good. The jacket has a folding mark.


An attractive book on river journeys in Africa, Asia and South America. River Journeys is about six very different rivers. Michael Wood, the historian, wrote a diary as he travelled up the Congo in Zaire into 'the heart of darkness'. He embarked at Kinshasa on an enormous ferry-boat loaded with 1500 passengers, then continued up the river on a cargo-boat and a small fishing-boat, talking with villagers, boat people and expatriates on the way. The mystery of the river, and Africa, comes vividly alive in his evocative account of the journey.

Christina Dodwell explores both the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea, where she revisits Stone-Age tribes among whom she lived for two years, and the uncharted Waghi, risking her life on this treacherous, wild, Whitewater river where she and a team of American adventurers negotiate fierce rapids in rubber dinghies.

The Mekong River gives unity to the territory known as Indochina. Writer and journalist William Shawcross travels along the Mekong from Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, through Communist-controlled Vietnam and Kampuchea to Angkor Wat, and then goes on to the golden triangle in Northern Thailand.

Germaine Greer follows the Sao Francisco in the north-eastern region of Brazil on a vintage paddle-steamer which is making its last voyage from Juázeiro to Pirapora. She analyses the social and economic problems which contribute to the hardships of the people who live along the river. Russell Braddon, a London-based Australian writer, comes to terms with his native land as he follows the Murray from source to estuary - travelling at first by canoe, later by paddle-steamer, launch, tourist-boat and houseboat.

Finally, Brian Thompson takes us along the timeless Nile, starting from Juba on an antiquated Sudanese ferry, and arriving, via the ancient and impressive buildings of Luxor, in the bustling city of Cairo and the rich, fertile lands of the great delta, at Alexandria. River Journeys, which is lavishly illustrated in both colour and black and white, describes what it is like to take a passage through today's world at a human pace.