French West Africa

Antiquarian book: French West Africa.
Thompson, Virginia; Adloff, Richard
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Book title: French West Africa
Authors: Virginia Thompson; Richard Adloff
Publisher: Stanford University Press
Stanford, California, 1957
Original cloth, 15x22 cm, 626 pages, numerous b/w photos



Quite good. Corners bent a bit, little traces of usage, inside clean.


From the foreword:

Among the numerous publications on Africa that have appeared during recent years, few indeed are those in English that deal with the tropical areas under French rule. With regard to the most extensive of these areas - French West Africa - the lack is particularly striking, contrasting as it does with the large body of works concerning the adjacent and much smaller British territories and also new-born Ghana.

The few studies of French West Africa produced thus far by British and American writers have been printed in specialized periodicals, and no work on the Federation as a whole has been available to the English-reading public. This book offers a survey of French West Africa which in no way purports to be exhaustive.

Its authors have tried simply to give a general and balanced appraisal of the main developments in that vast and little-travelled territory-an appraisal which aims to take into account both official and non-official French and African viewpoints. They hope that their efforts will encourage further research on some of the many subjects touched upon summarily in the following book.