Carl Hugo Hahn Tagebücher / Carl Hugo Hahn Diaries 1837-1860, Part III

Presented in original German language, this is Part III of the Carl Hugo Hahn Diaries (Tagebücher) 1837-1860, which cover the time span 1852-1855.
Lau, Brigitte
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Title: Carl Hugo Hahn Tagebücher / Carl Hugo Hahn Diaries 1837-1860
Subtitle: A missionary in Nama- and Damaraland 1852-1855, Part III
Editor: Brigitte Lau
Series Archeia Windhoek Archives Source Publication Series Nr. 3, Part III
Publisher Archives Services Division of the Department of National Education
Windhoek, South West Afrika/Namibia 1985
Original softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 311 pages, some b/w images, text in diary: German, comments: English


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With few exceptions, sources in this country on the history of South West Afrika (SWA)/Namibia prior to 1884, are available in extracts only. They include publications such as Moritz' 'Reiseberichte' and the reports published by the Rhenish Mission Society as well as copies of documents housed elsewhere, such as the 'Quellen'. It seemed important, therefore, to publish Hahn's diaries unabbreviated and as complete as possible, even if that sometimes meant including large parts of text not actually dealing with SWA/Namibia. Carl Hugo Hahn, like many other missionaries of his time, kept private diaries (Tagebücher). All in all, these comprise five books and were numbered accordingly. Apart from these, he sent letters and unabbreviated extracts copied from his private diaries to his employers, the Rhenish Mission Society in Germany. He subdivided his private diaries into sections corresponding with these extracts and numbered them from 1 to 24. Many years later, he also inserted paragraph headings. The present publication is based on the five volumes of his private diary. This is part III of 'Carl Hugo Hahn Tagebücher / Carl Hugo Hahn Diaries 1837-1860'

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