Carl Hugo Hahn. Diaries 1837-1860 Volume 5, Register and Indexes

The diaries of Carl Hugo Hahn 1837-1860, this Volume 5 includes registers and indexes only.
Lau, Brigitte
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Title: Carl Hugo Hahn. Diaries 1837-1860
Subtitle: A missionary in Nama- und Damaraland. Part V: Register and Indexes
Editor: Brigitte Lau
Series: Archeia, Nr. 5
Publisher: Archives Services Division of the Department of National Education
Windhoek, 1985
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 123 pages, 1 folded map, text in Englisch


Good. Few traces of usage.


Unlike the volumes 1-4 of the diaries of Carl Hugo Hahn, this volume 5 does not contain any parts of Hahn's diary. Instead, it comprises a register, a name index, a subject index and a bibliography, all of them related to the diaries which have been published as volumes 1-4. Some explanations may be helpful to the reader. The Register originally filled only one purpose, namely to give the reader necessary background information on numerous persons and places Hahn mentions in his diaries, as well as occasional references for further reading. All names appearing in the text with an asterix will have some information in the Register. However, the Register has grown so much that its averagly 800 entries also form a nucleus reference work for people and places in 19th century pre-colonial SWA/Namibia. Therefore, it may be of use to anybody interested in our history, not only to those who are studying the diaries of Carl Hugo Hahn. Still, the entries in the Register are based on the text of the diaries, thus reflecting old names which are no longer in use, rather than the modern names. For example, you will not find Botswana listed but Betschuanenland, as Hahn calls it, and Elberfeld instead of Windhoek. We have, however, tried to insert cross references wherever it seemed useful. The fold-up map at scale 1:742016 is a beautiful facsimile of the Original Map of Great Namaqualand Damarland that was made by Theophil Hahn in 1879.