An Overview of Freehold Conservancies in Namibia

The Conservancy Association of Namibia (CANAM) gives an detailed overview of freehold conservancies that have been intitiated by the 23 members.
Shaw, Danica; Marker, Laurie
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Title: An Overview of Freehold Conservancies in Namibia
Editors: Danica Shaw; Dr. Laurie Marker
Publisher: Conservancy Association of Namibia
Namibia, 2010
ISBN 9789994571963/ ISBN 978-99945-71-96-3
Softcover, 17x24 cm, 72 pages, many colour photos and maps


The publication, which is the first compilation of data from the 19 freehold conservancies represented by the organisation, provides an overview of the conservancy movement in Namibia and the development of the Conservancy Association of Namibia (CANAM). Information is provided on natural resource management, the economic impact of conservancies and diversification of land use, the procedures required to establish a freehold conservancy, and the future directions for CANAM.

Table of Contents:

Natural Resources
Establishment of a Conservancy
Visions for the Future
Characteristics of Freehold Conservancies in Namibia
Conservancy Profiles

Auas Oanob Profile
Black Nossob Profile
Dordabis Profile
Etosha Profile
Hochfeld Profile
Kalkfeld Profile
Kaoko-Etosha Profile
Khomas-Hochland Profile
Namatanga Profile
Ngarangombe Profile
Okawi Profile
Omitara Profile
Otavi Mountain Profile
Ovipuka Profile
SandveId ProfiIe
Seeis Profile
Swakoptal Profile
Tiras Mountain Profile
Waterberg Profile