WTF What the Fact! (MapStudio)

MapStudio's WTF What the Fact! is a collection of many useful facts, mostly about South Africa, everyone wants to know.
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Title: WTF What the Fact!
Subtitle: 100s of useful facts that everyone wants to know
Publisher: MapStudio
Cape Town, South Africa 2015
ISBN 9781770265950 / ISBN 978-1-77026-595-0
Softcover, 21 x 30 cm, 224 pages, throughout illustrated


What is the ghostly story behind the Uniondale hitchhiker? Who is the only South African Club 27 member? What is the length of the smallest mammal in the world? What is the height of the tallest building in Africa? What is the only South African invention that has been to the moon? What is the Cockroach Hall of Fame? Which airport has the largest terminal in the world? Who is the highest paid sportsman in South Africa? Which ingredients are used to make smileys, criadillas and casu marzu? What is a ‘Sowetan Toilet’? Find the answers to these questions and read about many other fascinating, bizarre and astounding facts while broadening your general knowledge about South Africa and the world with WTF What the Fact!