Winston Churchill. The Making of a Hero in the South African War

Most interesting account on how Winston Churchill managed to be regarded a hero in the South African War.
Bolsman, Eric
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Author: Eric Bolsman
Publisher: Galago
Cape Town, 2008
ISBN 978-1-919854-22-3
Soft cover, 17x24 cm, 268 pages, numerous bw- and colour photos, maps, English

Die sprachliche und mediale Begabung Winston Churchills als Journalist und Teilnehmer an militärischen Einsätzen im Burenkrieg, erregte öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit und Verehrung.


This is the story of Winston Churchill’s bravery while with the British Army in South Africa as a war correspondent and as a Special Service officer.

Shortly after the outbreak of the South African War in 1899, he was contracted as a war correspondent for the Morning Post.

Much has been made of Churchill’s heroism. The exceptional courage he displayed when defending the derailed armoured train at Chieveley in Natal made his reputation.

He had the need to stay in the limelight to fuel his political ambitions and the best way to achieve that was by captivating the readers of the Morning Post with his dispatches, writing convincingly about his own and other’s front-line experiences.

His stories of how he miraculously escaped the bullets and how he rode a bicycle through enemy-held Johannesburg, ending with his triumphant returned to Pretoria where he helped to liberate his former fellow POWs from captivity, earned his newspaper a fortune.