White Power & the Rise and Fall of the National Party

White Power & the Rise and Fall of the National Party is a well-timed study telling the story of South Africa’s past in a way that illuminates history and the present.
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Book title: White Power & the Rise and Fall of the National Party
Author: Christi van der Westhuizen
Publisher: Zebra Press
Cape Town, South Africa 2007
ISBN 9781770073050
Hardcover, 15x23 cm, 384 pages, several bw-photos


In 2006, almost a hundred years after the founding of the National Party, the unthinkable happened: the once mighty party of apartheid collapsed into the African National Congress, its sworn enemy for almost a century. While a string of blunders saw party support plummeting, such a humiliating end was wholly unexpected. Is it true that the NPs leaders had betrayed their supporters?

What role did the NP play during the negotiations to ensure increased wealth among the black and white South African elite? And is greater material welfare enough to keep Afrikaners satisfied, or are we seeing a resurgence of Afrikaner nationalism in the De la Rey phenomenon? These and other issues are addressed in White Power & the Rise and Fall of the National Party.

If resurgent Afrikaner nationalism needs a thoughtful chill pill, this is it. Van der Westhuizen provides a brilliantly penned account of the twentieth centurys longest-running crime against humanity, and is especially insightful about the late apartheid era. For anyone concerned with South Africas political future, Van der Westhuizens view of the past power structure is absolutely necessary reading, said Patrick Bond, author of Elite Transition and director of the Centre for Civil Society, University of Kwa Zulu-Natal.


From colonialism to apartheid
The party: Between accumulation and crisis
Building a black bulwark against resistance
The emperor strikes back
The negotiations and the violence
Clinching the elite compromise
The crumbling: Without the state, were nothing
The globalisation of the Afrikaner

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