Understanding History - Grade 8 Revised edition

Understanding History - Grade 8 Revised edition - includes all historical topics contained in the Current Junior Secondary History syllabus.
O'Callaghan, B; von Wietersheim, Erika; Mbumba, Nangolo; Goosen, D.; Berens, P.
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Book title: Understanding History. Grade 8 Revised edition
Authors: B. O'Callaghan; Erika von Wietersheim; D. Goosen; P. Berens
Publisher: Longman Namibia
17th impression, Windhoek, Namibia 2005
Softcover, 18x24 cm, 284 pages, numerous bw-photos and illustrations


The Understanding History series has been extensively revised and updated to provide full factual coverage of all the historical Themes and Topics contained in the Current Junior Secondary History syllabus. It also provides detailed guidance on how learners can develop a wide range of historical skills and abilities. The vivid and readable way in which the Understanding History series is written stimulates learners to go on reading.

The special Did you Know? feature, for example, deals in a lively fashion with the historical significance of a wide range of relevant subjects. The text is supported by carefully chosen source materials. These include photographs, maps and cartoons with detailed captions; oral and written extracts from a variety of historical sources; and a range of explanatory charts and diagrams.

A wide range of learner activities and projects first helps learners to establish a basic level of knowledge and understanding, and then encourages and guides them to explore attitudes and form opinions for themselves. Learners are given detailed guidance, often with examples, on how best to communicate what they have learned in a clear and accurate manner. In this way, the new Understanding History series enables learners to experience a progressive increase in knowledge, understanding and skills that continues throughout their studies.

Content: Understanding History

1: Studying history
Studying history

II: Namibian history
Namibia before the 19th century
Namibia during the 19th century

III: African history
Early humankind in Africa
The rise and achievements of African empires
Central, eastern and southern Africa
Religion and philosophy in Africa
Economy and society in Africa

IV: World history
Early civilisations
Forms of government
Technology, production and distribution
Socio-economic systems and developments
Religious systems

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