The Namib. Natural history of the ancient desert

This is a popular, well made guide to the natural history of the ancient desert Namib in Namibia.
Seely, Mary
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Book title: The Namib. Natural history of an ancient desert
Author: Mary Seely
Publisher: Desert Research Foundation of Namibia
3rd Edition. Windhoek, Namibia 2004
ISBN 9991668160 / ISBN 9789991668161
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 110 pages, numerous colour photos and bw-illustrations

About: The Namib. Natural history of the ancient desert

This book is an attempt to share the excitement of the Namib Desert. It is designed to whet the appetite not to provide all the answers. For each location a few of the more noticeable aspects are pointed out and one or two features are described in greater detail. The text is designed to be read as a unit, as many things are widespread in certain areas and repetition at each site would consequently be unnecessary. Nevertheless, if you dip into the text somewhere in the middle, the index should help you to find more information on specific points which may have been raised.

We hope you enjoy your explorations of the Namib and wish you an interesting journey through the various realms of this fascinating desert. People vary greatly in their response to a desert environment. Some speed through it as rapidly as possible and are horrified by the desolation and bizarre forms of life encountered there. They also find the geology grotesque and feel threatened by the unusual landscape. To those of us who appreciate more than just traditional "pretty" scenery however, the desert offers a great deal.