The magic elephant of the Namib

The magic elephant of the Namib is a nearly true story and set in a remote area of Namibia.
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Author: Blythe Loutit
Publisher: Out of Africa Publishers
Windhoek, 1999
ISBN-10: 9991621784
ISBN-13: 978-9991621784
Soft cover, 16 pages, 24x18 cm, throughout colour illustrations, English

Leider gibt es dieses reizende Kinderbuch über die Elefanten der Namib nicht mehr in Deutsch.


This story is nearly true. Dune was born while the film "The Forgotten Elephants" was being shown on BBC television and his little friend Nane died.

This book is dedicated to those elephants and to the people of the Namib who love the elephants which are so much a part of Africa - the last survivors.

The Magic Elephants of the Namib Desert are real. Clarissa, Dune, their family, the Hoaruseb bull, the orphans who have now grown up, and Mrs Coly.

The places in this story are also real. Early one morning, as the sun peeped into the yellow sky at the start of a new day in the desert, a little elephant was born amongst the mopane leaves, in the sandy bed of the Hoanib River in the dry west of Namibia.

The baby's family was very excited. This little elephant was special, because he had been born at the spring called Dubis where the water is fresh and pure, where the Hoaruseb bull had been born on the same day, fifty years earlier.