The Covert War. Koevoet Operations in Namibia 1979-1989

The Covert War is the full and mostly untold story of the Koevoet operations in northern Namibia during 1979-1989.
Stiff, Peter
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Book title: The covert war
Subtitle: Koevoet operations in Namibia 1979-1989
Author: Peter Stiff
Genre: Military history
Publisher: Galago Publishing
3rd edition. Cape Town, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9781919854502 / ISBN 978-1-919854-50-2
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 512 pages, numerous photos and maps, English


Good, little traces of usage. Rare.

About: The Covert War. Koevoet Operations in Namibia 1979-1989

'The Covert War: Koevoet Operations in Namibia 1979-1989' is compelling reading an an untold story of Koevoet the South African Police’s highly successful counter-insurgency unit. Initially based on the Selous Scouts of Rhodesia, it was formed in 1979 and deployed in Namibia until independence in 1989 when it was disbanded as a sop to the UN. During its almost ten year existence it fought in 1615 contacts and killed or captured 3225 of SWAPO’s PLAN soldiers, the equivalent of almost six battalions of troops. But it paid a high price in blood and lost almost 160 policemen killed in action with another 949 wounded, more grievous casualties than any other South African fighting unit since World War II. Much of Koevoet’s success was likely due to its throwing overboard of convention. Teams, four Casspirs and a Blesbok supply vehicle, were not normally restricted to within allocated boundaries but could range wherever information or experience suggested insurgents might be encountered. Tracks were then followed until contact was made, no matter how long it took. Several guerrillas were followed for many days and hundreds of kilometres before they were run down. After repelling SWAPO’s invasion of Namibia in April 1989 Koevoet was ignominiously disbanded and its black members disgracefully abandoned to take their chances at the unforgiving hands of their former SWAPO foes. While this book is focused on Koevoet, it is also the first full story of the internal border war in Namibia.

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