The Communistisation of the ANC

The Communistisation of the ANC talks the history and presence of communism in South Africa and the ANC istself.
Ludi, Gerard
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Book title: The Communistisation of the ANC
Author: Gerard Ludi
Type: Memoires and Current Affairs
Publisher: Galago
Cape Town, South Africa 2013
ISBN 9781919854458 / ISBN 978-1-919854-45-8
Softcover, 17x24 cm, 368 pages, many b/w photos, English text


Not only is The Communistisation of the ANC an account of one man’s career as an agent recruited by South African intelligence to infiltrate the Communist Party, and how he became so trusted by both parties he was able to work as a double-agent, but it is also an account of how the intention was to turn South Africa completely communist. Having been trained in Moscow by the KGB and sent to Beijing to seek information on their behalf, Gerard Ludi came to have a deep understanding of the aims and mentality of those wishing to spread communism further. The history of communism in South Africa goes back to the early 1900’s when Bill Andrews founded the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) in 1921. The Communistisation of the ANC, which also reads like an extended James Bond novel, takes one behind the scenes of what really happened and is still going on. It tells of cover-ups, errors of judgement, small incidences and co-incidences that changed the intended course of action, of bravery, stress and hope.

Content: The Communistisation of the ANC

Acknowledgements and photo credits
Author's note
Photographic pages
Principles of Clandestine Intelligence collection
My early background
Life in Johannesburg in the 1940s:
Preparation for life in intelligence
Last years of school University of Witwatersrand
Sucked into the world of espionage
Career in the South African Intelligence Services
Early days
Background to communism in South Africa
Split between Communist ANC and 'Black Power' Nationalist PAC
CPSA/SACP's chequered history returns to haunt it in 1958
Republican Intelligence; A chat with Dr Verwoerd
Mission to Moscow
Accepted as a comrade bv the KGB
Referendum for Rhodesia to join the Union of SA, 1923
What if Rhodesians had voted 'yes'?
Fundamental changes in the South African Intelligence structure
Rapid promotion in the revolutionary movement
Ordered by the comrades to infdtrate the press
The Rivonia and Mandela trials
The Bram Fischer treason trial
An abrupt end to the first phase of my intelligence career
Spell with Republican Intelligence at Club 13
Out of the Service:; brief career as a full-time journalist
Trips to Mozambique, Angola, Malawi and Rhodesia
Reporter on Die Vaderland; Lesotho State of Emergency
Big narcotics investigation
Back in service
Chief of top-secret Clandestine Service
Remaining sane while undercover
Nasty travel experiences in black Africa
Pretoria/Salisbury/Lisbon axis begins to collapse
Mozambique and Angola fall to the Reds
Counter-revolutionary guerrilla wars; Mozambique and Angola
Final collapse of the Pretoria/Salisbury/Lisbon Axis
Lancaster House talks; Run-in with MI5; Rhodesia to Zimbabwe
Information Scandal; John Vorster resigns; New boss at BOSS
Clandestine Service closed down
The Mandela phenomenon
Training: Resignation from NIS/BOSS
I go into business - but no one believes me!
Seychelles coup attempt: Goodbye BOSS, hello NIA
Communists outwit the Broeders
Breeder in the SABC pays me a visit
Liberated Angola and Mozambique
Understanding Marxist/Leninist terminology
Useful information on dictatorships

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