The best of Namibia. Travel guide

Good and compact Namibia travel guide to the best sites of Namibia.
Olivier, Willie; Olivier, Sandra
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Title: The Best of Namibia
Author: Willi Olivier; Sandra Olivier
New Holland Publishers
Cape Town, 2005
ISBN: 9781843306184
Paperback, 11x20 cm, 96 pages, throughout colour photos and maps


This handy travel guide fits in any pocket and provides compact information on the best points of interest of Namibia. It contains city/regional map, detailed area maps, public transport maps for city destinations, recommended itineraries, tours and excursions.

Namibian Beer:

Namibia’s beer drinking tradition dates back to the late 1800s with the arrival of German soldiers and officials. The imported German beer was, however, not suited to the hot and dry climate and at the beginning of the 1900s two breweries were established in Windhoek and another one in Omaruru.

After World War I the demand for beer dropped considerably and the Windhoek and Omaruru breweries amalgamated in 1920 to form South West Breweries.

The brewery, on the corner of Sam Nujoma Drive and Tal Street, was in use until a modern brewery in Windhoek’s Northern Industrial Area was commissioned in 1985. Soon after independence South West Breweries changed its name to Namibia Breweries.

Namibia’s favourite beer, Windhoek Lager (with an alcohol content of 4%) has a golden colour and mildly bitter taste. Slightly stronger (4.5%), darker and more bitter is Windhoek Export, a premium beer of international standard. Windhoek Special, the strongest of the lager beers (5.3%), has a deep golden colour and full-bodied taste. […]