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Southern African Spiders: An identification guide

Southern African Spiders: An identification guide

This well-known identification guide features the 63 families of spiders of Southern Africa.

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Title: Southern African Spiders
Subtitle: An Identification Guide
Author: Martin R. Filmer
Illustration: Linda Duigan
Publisher: Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 1995
ISBN 1-86825-188-8
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 128 pages, numerous colour photos and bw-illustrations


This well-known guide to Southern African Spiders has been followed by a new editon and therefor is reduced in price. Southern African Spiders: An Identification Guide features the 63 families of spiders that occur in this region, found in such diverse habitats as deserts, seashores and forests, as well as in suburban homes.

The spiders are grouped into web-living, ground-living and plant-living species to aid identification, and this, together with graphic symbols and black and white diagrams of diagnostic features, makes this a quick and easy guide for use in the field.Each family is described in terms of the spiders' lifestyle, habitat, size, behaviour and poison potential, as well as the best collecting methods for each family.

For these species whose poison is potentially harmful to man, the effects and recommended treatment of a bite are discussed. The book also serves as a useful introduction to anybody with a more general interest in nature, who wishes to gain insight into the daily lives of spiders.

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