The Complete South African Cookbook

The Complete South African Cookbook offers more than 650 basic and easy-to-prepare South African recipes along with many tempting variations.
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Book title: The Complete South African Cookbook
Author: Magdaleen van Wyk
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2002
ISBN 9781868727469
Hard cover, 21x28 cm, 192 pages, many drawings


Although this is the perfect book for a beginner, it is also an indispensable reference for the more experienced cook, offering more than 650 basic and easy-to-prepare recipes. Along come many tempting variations, there is a wonderful selection of hors d'oeuvres, soups, fish and seafood, meat, poultry and game, as well as sauces, vegetables and vegetarian fare, salads and dressings, egg and cheese dishes, desserts, cakes, breads and pastries, confectioneries, and preserves.

The idea for a book such as this has been at the back of my mind for a long time: one that would present the basic principles of cookery and that would cater for South African tastes. From the start I envisaged a comprehensive, up-to-date household companion that would meet the needs of beginners as well as experts, of traditionalists as well as of the adventurous, of vegetarians as well as of meat-eaters.

In view of this, simplicity, economy and South African eating habits were my guide-lines in making the selection. My initial selection ran to over a thousand recipes, and perhaps the most difficult task was to decide what to leave out. In the end I chose some 650 recipes, all of them tested and many of them firm favourites, and added many variations. I offer them here in the hope that this book will be both practical and exciting.

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