Sea Spray and Cherry Peppers

Sea Spray and Cherry Peppers reports farm adventures and over 70 recipes tried and tested by Zuretha Roos.
Roos, Zuretha
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Title: Sea Spray and Cherry Peppers
Author: Zuretha Roos
Publisher: Struik
Imprint: Oshun Books
Cape Town, south Africa 2007
ISBN 9781770200135 / ISBN 978-1-77020-013-5
Softcover, 13x20 cm, 384 pages


Following on the success of The Saffron Pear Tree, well-known author Zuretha Roos tells more warm tales in this memoir-cookbook of her retirement. When her workaholic husband decides to pack up their busy city life and move to the coast, Zuretha is thrilled. She imagines endless lazy days spent conjuring up delightful meals to be companiably enjoyed, gazing out across the peaceful ocean. But when the couple unexpectedly inherit a small farm outside Cape St Francis, Daniel is inspired by the prospect of becoming a cattle-farme.

Zuretha Roos finds her blissful retirement dreams rudely interrupted by crack-of-dawn calls from neighbours, recalcitrant cattle, disappearing ponds, a curious patch of peppers and marauding wildlife. At the beach house where they live, house guests are difficult to cope with, and layabouts find her husband is a human ATM. This book of the Roos’s misadventures on their little farm is completed with over 70 recipes tried and tested by this renowned food editor herself.

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