Return to Corriebush

Return to Corriebush was the Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winner in the category Best Cookbook.
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Book title: Return to Corriebush
Author: Lynn Bedford Hall
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2005
ISBN 9781770072121
Softcover, 18x25 cm, 208 pages, several illustrations


To anyone who has read or owns a copy of Fig Jam and Foxtrot, the sequel – Return to Corriebush – will be welcomed with open arms. Once again the gentle, kind-hearted but nosey women of Corriebush get together for a cup of tea, a slice of cake and a gossip, and along the way present the reader with four more stories and over 90 delectable recipes.

This is a book to be savoured and enjoyed while reading the heart-warming stories about Flora the retired nurse, Jacoba the pianist, and Estrelita the trapeze artist, or the tragic fact-based tale of Sara, a young Voortrekker girl. Share with friends and family one of Lynn’s superb dishes, tailored to suit today’s tastes.

How about Tomato Tartlets with Olives, Pesto and Pecorino, or what about Savoury Lamb Chops or Roasted Peaches? And to those readers who have yet to experience the people, stories and food of this small Karoo town, pull up a chair, put up your feet and enjoy!