Zuma: A biography

This biography of Zuma covers his whole live but the main focus remains on the last eight years until 2010.
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Book title: Zuma: A biography
Author: Jeremy Gordin
Publisher: Jonathan Ball
Revised edition, Cape Town, South Africa 2010
ISBN 9781868422630
Softcover, 15x23 cm, 356 pages, several colour an b/w photos


But of course Zuma has been at the epicentre of South African politics, and his life has spilt almost daily onto the pages of South Africa's newspapers. Often embattled, always controversial, Zuma rose to take control of the ANC in Polokwane last year, unseating President Thabo Mbeki. Now, he appears destined to become the next president of South Africa.

In this unauthorised biography, veteran journalist Jeremy Gordin takes the reader beyond the daily and weekly reporting to capture something of the man - his ambitions; the political rollercoaster he has been on; his travails in his quest to be the next president of South Africa.

The writer Gordin covers Zuma's early life as a herd boy, his adult life as a member of the ANC, his incarceration on Robben Island, his time in exile, and the transitional years of the early 1990s. But the main focus remains on the last seven or eight years – Zuma's alleged corruption in the Arms Deal, his trial for rape, and his rise to power. This title promises to be immensely readable and, like its subject, highly controversial.

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