Publish and be Damned. Two Decades of Scandals

Publish and be Damned tells a woman's career in investigative journalism in South Africa, uncovering two decades of political and criminal scandals.
Steyn-Barlow, Chris
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Author: Chris Steyn-Barlow
Publisher: Galago
2nd Edition, Cape Town 2006
ISBN 9781919854205
Softcover, 17x24 cm, 368 pages, numerous photos

Die sehr interessante Karriere der Chris Steyn-Barlow im investigativen Journalismus in Südafrika und die Skandale, die sie seit den 80er Jahren aufdeckte.


Chris Steyn-Barlow became a journalist at the Sunday Tribune under the legendary Viv Prince, followed by two-and-a-half years under The Citizen's Johnny Johnson.

Poached by the Rand Daily Mail she continued to develop her own hard-nosed style of reporting. Spells at The Star and the Cape Times followed.

She was subpoenaed to give evidence against witnesses to the so-called zero-zero hand grenade incidents in the East Rand where the fuses had been covertly converted to instantaneous settings by the Security Branch C later admitted by them at a TRC hearing.

Chris fled to the UK and worked for The Times of London to avoid giving evidence until the subpoena was withdrawn and she was able to return home.

After her return she was arrested for protestingt agains the new emergency regulations that had placed onerous restrictions on press freedom.

For many of her stories she dug in sensitive political areas where many editors were afraid to trespass, one describing her as an 'unguided missile'.

After a second spell at The Citizen she wrote murder mysteries and was freelancing for magazines. In her final years as a reporter Chris was appointed editor of the Independent Newspapers Investigative Unit where she uncovered major political and criminal scandals.