Black Jerusalem

Black Jerusalem is a mostly funny journey of pitching for new business in South Africa's first black advertising agency.
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Title: Black Jerusalem
Author: Happy Ntshingila
Type: Autobiography
Imprint: Umuzi
Publisher: Randomhouse Struik
2nd edition. Cape Town, South Africa 2009
ISBN 9781415200964 / ISBN 978-1-4152-0096-4
Softcover, 15x22 cm, 104 pages, several colour photos


Black Jerusalem tracks the events and people who shaped the growth of the HerdBuoys advertising agency through successful and sometimes not-so-successful new business solicitation. As the first black-owned advertising agency in South Africa, it was at the forefront of the ‘change-management’ revolution from 1991 to 2006. With flair, humour and a sprinkling of mischief, Happy Ntshingila tells the behind-the-scene stories of advertising campaigns for clients such as SAA and Telkom.

And from working through the night and pretending to have an office, to dashing off to buy television sets minutes before a presentation. It is a story about big brands, creative energy and friendship in a country in transition. It is a witty, poignant and compelling look at the energy of a man determined to succeed at what he loved most: advertising. Black Jerusalem includes a colour section of some of HerdBuoys’ advertising campaigns.

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