Magnificent South Africa

Beautiful book that focuses on the picturesque splendour of one of the most beautiful countries in the world
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Magnificent South Africa

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Struik Publishers
Cape Town, 2008
ISBN: 9781770070189
Hard cover, dust jacket, 26x30 cm, 176 pages, throughout colour photos

Magnificent South Africa
Hervorragend fotografierte und gut gewählte Motive machen die hohe Qualität dieses Südafrika-Bildbandes aus.


Magnificent South Africa is a celebration of one of the world's most beautiful regions - and one of its most varied.

After more than a decade of democracy, South Africa has proudly taken its place on the international stage and has become one of the world's leading tourist destinations.

Diversity is the single word that best sums up the nature of this land, vividly evident in its myriad landscapes and in the mix of its peoples.

Here, strikingly revealed in more than 160 large-format, full-colour photographs and a concise text, are historic towns, hidden hamlets and modern cities, vast spaces and heat-hazed horizons, mountain ramparts and broad grassland plains, game-rich savanna, bushveld scrub, arid desert and emerald pastures, wild seashore and striking coastal terrace.

The reader is introduced to South Africa by an informative overview of the land and its peoples, its turbulent history and its economy.

Thereafter the scene unfolds, region by region, in a series of eye-catching features, each focusing on a particular area and its distinctive attractions.

Some, like Cape Town's Table Mountain, the Kruger National Park, Durban's Golden Mile, the towering heights of the Drakensberg, the Garden Route in the south and the subtropical shorelines of the east, are world-renowned; others are little known, even to South Africans.

Magnificent South Africa is an evocative profile of a fascinating country.

A book for the home, the perfect gift for family and friends, and a superb memento for those who have spent time discovering South Africa for themselves.


Several of South Africa's leading writers have contributed text for Magnificent South Africa. They include Bruce Cameron, an award-winning financial journalist; Elaine Hurford, a freelance author who lives and works in the Little Karoo hamlet of Prince Albert; Denise Slabbert, an international travel writer; Brian Johnson Barker and Peter Joyce, each of whom has written well-received travel titles on southern Africa; Marilyn Poole, a former radio journalist and historical author; and Wilf Nussey, one-time editor of the Pretoria News and author of wildlife books.

Freelance editor and writer Joy Clack provided additional text and integrated the narratives into a fascinating essay of one of the world's most beautiful regions. She lives in Cape Town and has a great love for travel, especially within Africa.


The stunning visual coverage of Magnificent South Africa is the work of a number of talented people, most of whom have won awards, both at home and abroad, for their exceptional photography. Some have produced books in their own right. Prominent among them are Shaen Adey, Nigel Dennis, Friedrich von Horsten, Hein von Horsten, Lanz von Horsten, Peter Pickford and Walter Knirr.

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"Magnificent South Africa is a beautiful coffee-table book that focuses on the picturesque splendour of one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From the wide variety of landscapes to the extensive natural beauty and the diverse cultures, the photographs capture the essence of South Africa. This book is a wonderful reminder of a spectacular country, and is perfect to have in the home"


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