South Africa Wine Tourism Handbook 2010. Guide to the Cape Winelands

The guide South Africa Wine Tourism Handbook consists of nine chapters covering all aspects of wine tourism in the Cape Winelands.
Elias, Monika
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Title: South Africa Wine Tourism Handbook 2010
Editor: Monika Elias
Guide to the Cape Winelands
Publisher: The World’s Favourite Publications
Cape Town, South Africa 2010
ISBN 9780620447232 / ISBN 978-0-620-44723-2
Soft cover, 15x21 cm, 271 pages, throughout colour photos


The Wine Tourism Handbook offers the reader a journey that is layered with complexity, fine acids and grippy tannins. There's a beautiful balance of activities, top wine recommendations - which offer elegance, accessibility and nuances of lazy summer days - written to include and entice you to buy and enjoy the fruits of the South African wine industry. South African wine country is unique in the fact that a traveller can get to experience over 19 different terroirs in a few bumper days without catching a flight. The Winelands cover a multitude of soils and altitudes in a small area - this and the diversity of our culture make us a wine destination of choice.

This is proof that we, as a nation, have come a far way to show the world that a country at the tip of Africa is able to compete globally. We might be a New World wine country, but this year we have celebrated our 350th year in winemaking, proving that the South African wine industry can hold its own and is recognised globally. It's an industry with a story to tell. The handbook has been designed to give the tourist an overview of the wine region and to discover what makes each route unique. The guide is packed with history, interesting facts and snippets to help you make your visit memorable.

Content: South Africa Wine Tourism Handbook

How to use the handbook
General tourism information
South Africa's wine industry
The art of wine
Environmental issues
The Cape wine routes
Coastal wine routes
Inland wine routes
Over the mountain wine routes
Wining and dining
Winelands Activities
Events and festivals
Buying and storing wine
Easy wine guide