Solitaire: A Home in the Namib Desert

Solitaire: A Home in the Namib Desert is a novel based on real events in Namibia.
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Title: A Home in the Namib Desert
Author: Ton van der Lee
Genre: True Novel
Publisher: Solitaire Namibia
1st edition. Namibia, 2018
ISBN 9789994587483
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 246 pages


Very good. Like new, inside fresh and clean.

About: Solitaire. A Home in the Namib Desert

When film producer Ton van der Lee turns 40, he finds his life empty and devoid of meaning. On an impulse, he decides to sell his company in Amsterdam and journey into the unknown, seeking escape from stress and western materialism. His quest takes him to Cape Town where he buys an old car and sets out towards the heart of Africa. Stopping for petrol in a remote settlement called Solitaire (population: 4), Ton falls in love with the beauty of the Namibian wilderness and stays to start a small business. After a strong start, a terrible human drama gradually unfolds. ‘Solitaire’ is an old-school adventure through the Namib Desert, Kaokoland, the Kalahari and the Tsodilo Hills in Botswana. It was the mid nineties, when Namibia was newly independent. A time when a traveller could still roam freely through untrammelled wilderness and across unmarked borders. Ton’s longing for freedom and adventure, his search for meaning and the spirituality found in nature, is a classic quest for renewal in the African wilderness. It is a story of paradise found and lost again. A story of hope and tragedy and, above all, a celebration of the beauty of Namibia.