Sky Guide Africa South 2014

The Sky Guide is a well-established astronomical handbook for Southern Africa and is intended as a reference work.
Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA)
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Title: Sky Guide Africa South 2014
Publisher: Astronomical Society of Southern Africa; Struik Nature
Random House Struik
Cape Town, South Africa 2014
ISBN 9781775840329 / ISBN 978-1-77584-032-9
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 136 pages, throughout colour photos and images

Description: Sky Guide Africa South 2014

Sky Guide Africa South is an invaluable practical resource for anyone who has even a passing interest in the night skies of southern Africa. Prepared by the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA) for use by the novice, amateur and professional astronomer, it presents a wealth of information about the Sun, Moon, planets, comets, meteors and bright stars in a clear and accessible way, accompanied by diagrams to support the text. Here you will find information for the year 2014 on the movement of the planets, the occurrences of eclipses, the dates of meteor showers, as well as clearly presented star charts to aid in identifying stars and constellations in the southern African night skies. It is an absolute must for first-time stargazers and professional astronomers alike. This concise and practical Sky Guide not only provides you with monthly maps, charts of the heavens and basic astronomical background, but also a wonderful insight into African lore related to current astronomical events.

Content: Sky Guide Africa South 2014

How to use the Sky Guide

Highlights not to miss during 2014
Monthly sky diary
Star charts for summer
Star charts for autumn
Star charts for winter
Star charts for spring
The Sun
Observing the Sun
Solar eclipses (2015 to 2040)
The Moon
Lunar eclipses
Lunar occultations
Selected occultations during 2014
Ramadan and Shawwal
Moon maps (First & Last Quarter)
The planets
Brightness and size during 2014
Rise and set times
Visibility of the planets
Dwarf planets
Positions of the dwarf planets
Orbits of the asteroids
Observing asteroids
Asteroid occultations
Observing comets
Favourable meteor showers
Meteorites and meteorite falls
Stars and constellations
Patterns In the night sky
Finding the brightest stars
Finding circumpolar constellations
The lives and deaths of stars
Pronouncing star names
Double stars
Star charts: Sirius & Proxima Cen
Variable stars
ASSA Top-100 Deep-Sky Objects
Basic observing skills
Choosing a telescope
Angular separation
Dark adaptation and averted vision
Limiting magnitude
Light pollution
Astronomy in southern Africa
A premier site for astronomy
Historical commemorations
Professional observatories
Astronomical societies and clubs
Star parties & other annual events
Private observatories
Other sites of astronomical interest
Education in astronomy
Astronomy as a career
The Astronomical Society of Southern Africa
ASSA Officers
ASSA Centres
Astronomy lexicons
Star parties in 2014