Skeleton Coast

Experiencing the strange beauties of the Skeleton Coast through the visual feast presented in this magnificent book.
Schoeman, Amy
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Book title: Skeleton Coast.
Author: Amy Schoeman
Publisher: Southern Book Publishers
2nd edition. Cape Town, South Africa 1996
ISBN 1868125939 / ISBN 1-86812-593-9
Original hardcover, original dustjacket, 22x30 cm, 148 pages, 97 colur photos, 13 illustrations, 2 maps


Good. Few traces of usage.
Signed by the author / autograph Amy Schoeman.


The Skeleton Coast of Namibia, once an area for seafarers to fear and shun because of its treacherous coastline flanked by bone-bleaching desert wastes, is now prized as a place of beauty and tranquillity, a place of magnificent solitude. Although its legendary mineral wealth has acted as a powerful magnet for explorers, prospectors and miners, few have been privileged to visit the area, so that its mystery remains largely intact.

Not only does this book cover the area in depth for the first time, but its outstanding photographs capture to the life the many forms, colours and moods of its ever-changing landscape. The story of its geology and its minerals, as well as that of the richly diverse plant and animal life, sets the scene for the tales of shipwrecks - the Dunedin Star, Montrose and Suiderkus, to name but a few - and of man's disastrous experiences in this wilderness area.


Introduction: fragile and ecologically vulnerable
The geology: forces that shaped the desert profile
The climate: conditions that create a unique ecosystem
The plants: evolved to survive in a desert environment
The river courses: lifelines of the desert
The fauna: adapted to a desert habitat
Early explorers: lured by the unknown
The wrecks: when the elements prevail
Aircraft and other mishaps: when technology fails
Prospectors, miners and fortune hunters: the lure maximal, the yield minimal
Political history and development: the creation of a desert park
Tourism and conservation: preservation of a desert wilderness