Skeleton Coast. The dramatic rescue operation of the Dunedin Star

The ship Dunedin Star ran aground at the Skeleton Coast, followed by a dramatic rescue operation in 1942/1943.
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Title: Skeleton Coast
Subtitle: The dramatic rescue operation of the Dunedin Star
Author: John Marsh
Publisher: Kuiseb Verlag
Updated edition. Windhoek, Namibia 2023
ISBN 9991640592 / ISBN 99916-40-59-2
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 200 pages, several black and white photos


The ship Dunedin Star ran aground at the Skeleton Coast of then South West Africa in 1942. When the radio call for aid came from the helpless men, women and children, marooned on the desert beach, the men of the South African Navel Forces, the Air Forces, the Army and Police and the Administration for Railways and Harbours and even the Royal Navy got together to organize this amazing rescue operation. The account of what happened in 1942/43 is a complete book in itself, and it occupies first place in this enlarged re-issue. It is presented unchanged except for the addition of many photographs taken at the time but never before published. Nobody reading that account can form any other conclusion than that the Skeleton Coast is a land to fear and keep away from. So it was. But it is no longer. The new second part of this book not only up-dates the first insofar as it relates what happened subsequently to many of those who played prominent parts in the story, but it shows Skeleton Coast today to be an intriguing land, opened up by communication and transport services, inviting visitors, and filled with a fascinating variety of interest. The profusion of recent photographs tell their own story.