Seven Khoi Lives: Cape Biographies of the Seventeenth Century

Seven Khoi Lives Cape Biographies of the Seventeenth Century reports from a time when the Khoikhoi tried to find a way of co-operating with the Europeans.
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Author: Karel Schoeman
Publisher: Protea Boekhuis
Pretoria, 2009
ISBN: 9781869192785
Hardcover, 14x22 cm, 196 pages, English

Aus der frühen Besiedlungsgeschichte des südafrikanischen Kaps: die Versuche der bereits ansässigen Khoikhoi, mit den ankommenden Europäern zu kooperieren.


In Seven Khoi lives Karel Schoeman writes about seven Khoi men and women whose lives became inextricably linked to the VOC’s settlement at the Cape in the seventeenth century. Chiefs and servants, enemies and interpreters; none of them escaped unscathed as their people were marginalised and their stories reduced to mere footnotes in the annals of history.

These biographies were first seen in Kinders van die Kompanjie: Kaapse lewens uit die sewentiende eeu and have now been reworked for the benefit of a non-South African readership.

Schoeman paints a vivid picture of life at the southernmost point of Africa at a time when the Khoikhoi believed they could find a way of living with these foreigners and their unceasing appetite for cattle – or free themselves forever of this unasked-for presence.