See You In November. The Story of Alan ‘Taffy’ Brice: An SAS Assassin

See You In November ist the story of SAS member Alan ‘Taffy' Brice, who led a a secret assassination team in hostile Zambia during the Rhodesian Bush War years.
Stiff, Peter
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Book title: See You In November
Subtitle: The Story of Alan ‘Taffy’ Brice: An SAS Assassin
Author: Peter Stiff
Type: Biography
Publisher: Galago
Cape Town, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9781919854366 / ISBN 978-1-919-85436-6
Softcover, 17 x2 4 cm, 320 pages, 25 photos, English


Alan ‘Taffy’ Brice, a former member of Britain’s elite 22-SAS Regiment, led a Rhodesian Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) secret assassination team in hostile Zambia comprising himself, Hugh ‘Chuck’ Hind (also of 22-SAS) and Ian and Priscilla Sutherland, whose Zambian farm was used as their rear base. Their orders were to create divisions between the two Rhodesian dissident organisations, Joshua Nkomo’s ZAPU/ZIPRA (backed by Soviet Russia) and Robert Mugabe’s ZANU/ZANLA (backed by Red China), both rear-based in Lusaka.

This true story tells how for six years they led both dissident parties by their noses in a bewildering dance of death and destruction, successfully leading each to believe the other was responsible for their woes. Alan Brice survived the war and died recently allowing his own name and the real names of active participants and much else to be revealed for the first time. Chuck Hind was killed while on an operation and Ian Sutherland was captured by Zambian security forces. He spent five years in a hell hole that was a Zambian prison as a result.


About the author
Photographic sections
In-text maps
Aftermath, March 1990
Special Air Service - Who Dares Wins
Fawn beret - Who cares who wins
Gaddafi and the Old Firm: The Hilton Assignment
Civilian in Zambia
Zambia - Businessmen from South Africa
Operations begin
Zambia - Who divides wins
Assassination of Chitepo, 1975
Calm before the storm
Assassination of Jason ' JZ' Moyo
A lonelier war, 1977
Garfield Todd
Win some, lose some
Hit ZAPU - Hit Zambia, 1978
Zambia - Pre-emptive strikes
Zambian economic targets, 1978
Arrests and prison breaks, 1978
Raid to kill Nkomo, 1979
When November never came, 1979/1980
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