Rukwangali: Common Expressions and Phrases

Rukwangali-English: Common Expressions and Phrases, a long overdue contribution.
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Title: Rukwangali
Subtitle: Common Expressions and Phrases
Author: Petrus Angula Mbenzi
Genre: Phrasebook
Publisher: Namtranslations Services CC
Windhoek, Namibia 2017
ISBN 9789994573172 / ISBN 978-99945-73-17-2
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 24 pages, some images

About: Rukwangali. Common Expressions and Phrases

This pocket guide contains survival phrases that you need when chatting to Rukwangali speakers in Namibia. The phrases in the pocket guide are used in every day conversations, therefore, it is easy to memorize them as you will hear them quite often. You simply pronounce the words the way you see them on paper. The phrases are presented according to various themes such as greetings, introductions, love, birthday wishes, sympathy, condolences, telephone, best wishes, time, taxi, gas station, health care, responses to bad and good news, expressing goodwill, encouragement and reassurance, proverbs shopping and weather. The phrases are presented in the spoken language to facilitate the learning process, therefore sound influences have been adhered to as strictly as possible. Although efforts have been made to provide equivalent phrases in English, there are Rukwangali phrases which are culture specific and have no equivalents in English. In such cases, explanations have been provided in English to demonstrate when and how such phrases may be used. The words of respects as they appear on page 23 of the pocket guide are very important in Rukwangali conversation.

Content: Rukwangali. Common Expressions and Phrases

Pronunciation Guide
Common Rukwangali greeting phrases
Common Rukwangali introduce phrases
Best wish phrases
Common miscellaneous phrases
Common telephone conversation phrases
Condolence phrases
Love phrases
Birthday phrases
Sympathy phrases
Common proverbs
Expressing goodwill, encouragement and reassurance
Responses to good and bad news
Time phrases
Days of the week
Months of the year
Taxi phrases
Petrol station phrases
Health care phrases
Shopping phrases
Weather phrases
Useful words