This is a nice vistors’s guide to Oudtshoorn, the Ostrich Capital of South Africa.
Nell, Leon
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Title: Oudtshoorn
Subtitle: A Vistors’s Guide to the Ostrich Capital of South Africa
Author: Leon Nell
Publisher: Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2006
ISBN 1770071547 / ISBN 1-77007-154-7
Softcover, 21x28 cm, 32 pages, throughout colour photos


This guide to Oudtshoorn reveals the fascinating history of a small Karoo town associated with large, flightless birds and famous mysterious caves. Where Ostrich barons built grand homes, Jewish immigrants and Polish refugees settled, and where South Africa’s first national anthem was written. It showcases the austere beauty of the surrounding mountain passes, the area’s wide variety of wildlife, as well as the agriculture and vegetation of the region. Contemporary attractions and activities, such as the increasingly popular arts festival, the KKNK, are comprehensively covered.

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