Newman's Birds of Southern Africa Commemorative Editon

The Commemorative Editon of Newman's Birds of Southern Africa is a high standard bird guide with indexes in scientific, English and Afrikaans bird names.
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Newman's Birds of Southern Africa

Author: Kenneth Newman
Random House Struik
9th commemorative edition, Cape Town 2010
ISBN 9781770078765
Softcover, 21x15 cm, 536 pages, countless colour illustrations

Der bewährte Vogelführer für das südliche Afrika "Newman's Birds of Southern Africa" ist in der neunten Auflage von 2010 erschienen.


This Commemorative edition of Newman's Birds of Southern Africa at once updates a classic and pays tribute to one of the region's best loved birding authors, the late Kenneth Newman.

With the support of bird expert Faansie Peacock, the author's daughter, Vanessa Newman, has thoroughly revised, updated and expanded this new edition to reflect the latest research, both in terms of text and illustrations.

Covering all the birds recorded from the Antarctic to the Zambezi River, its range includes the birds from the southern seas as well as those of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Mozambique.

The familiar, user-friendly format of Newman's Birds uses colour coding to indicate major bird groups and, as always, large accurate paintings of each species reflect the bird as it is seen in the field, now labeled with diagnostic features.

A revised introductory section takes readers step-by-step through how to use this latest edition of Newman's Birds of Southern Africa in the field. Also available in Afrikaans as Newman se Voëls van Suider-Afrika.

About the author:

Late Ken Newman was a renowned bird painter and ornithologist who had contributed largely to the increased interest in and awareness of birds in recent years. His numerous books have sold close to a million copies worldwide.

He was a past president of the South African Ornithological Society, a recipient of the SAOS Gill Memorial Award and the Zoological Society's Stevenson-Hamilton Award, and was President of BirdLife SA.