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Never Quite a Soldier. A Rhodesian Policeman's War 1971-1982

Never Quite a Soldier. A Rhodesian Policeman's War 1971-1982

Never Quite a Soldier is the thrilling and shocking memoires of a Rhodesian policeman at Bush War service during 1971 to 1982.
Lemon, David

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Author: David Lemon
Publisher: Galago
Cape Town, 2006
ISBN 9781919854215
Soft cover, 17x24 cm, 268 pages, numerous bw and colour photos, map, English

In den letzten Jahren Rhodesiens verstärkte sich der mörderische Terror der ZANLA-Rebellen gegen Weiß und Schwarz. Diese Memoiren eines Polizisten im Buschkrieg stehen im Ruf rückhaltlos und für die Stimmung der Zeit treffend zu sein.


The author was a policeman with Rhodesia’s elite British South Africa Police during the Bush War days. His first involvement with the war came when he was member-in-charge of Macheke Police Station.

Groups of infiltrating ZANLA guerrillas moved into the area and embarked on a murderous campaign targeting both black and white civilians.

The war throughout the country escalated and indiscriminate acts of terror like the bomb detonated in a Woolworths branch in Salisbury killing 12 black shoppers and wounding 76 more.

Then the June 1978 massacre by ZANLA of nine white missionaries and four children, the shooting down of a airliner and the massacre of survivors.

These and countless other terrible incidents decided him to join the elite Police Support Unit which comprised 12 companies of fighting policemen, most of them black. This is an amazing firsthand account of the Bush War.