The Rock Paintings of the Upper Brandberg, Vol. V

In the study The Rock Paintings of the Upper Brandberg, Vol V, the focus is on the Naib Gorge (A) and the Northwest.
Pager, Harald
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Book title: The Rock Paintings of the Upper Brandberg, Vol. V
Subtitle: Naib Gorge (A) and the Northwest
Author: Harald Pager
Text and concept: Tilman Lenssen-Erz
Editor: Rudolph Kuper
Series: Monographs om African Archaeology and Environment
Publisher: Heinrich-Barth-Institute
Köln, 2000
Hardcover, 25x35 cm, 512 pages, thereof 334 rockpaintings, 8 colour plates, numerous tabellas, scetches and maps, 9 folded sheets


In our scientific work on Namibian rock art we put emphasis on public archaeology. Rock art stresses the power of the picture rather than the power of the word, this is why it is suitable for the presentation to a broad public, more than other archaeological sources. This leaves more scope for the authors of the pictures that can be perceived without being filtered by western views.

Moreover, it gives us the opportunity to pass the results of our research back to its roots. By this reciprocation we unveil a part of old tradition, because the publication of each good reproduction is like an old story retold. We encountered deep interest in the Brandberg rock art in the capital, and also in the community of Uis, the only large settlement in almost 100 km around the Brandberg. […]