Wildlife of Southern Africa

This is an excellent universal field guide to wildlife of Southern Africa.
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Title: Wildlife of Southern Africa
Subtitle: A field guide to the animals and plants of the region
Author: Vincent Carruthers
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2016
ISBN 9781775843535 / ISBN 978-1-77584-353-5
Softcover, 14 x 21 cm, 336 pages, 1200 colour illustrations, distribution maps

About: Wildlife of Southern Africa

Wildlife of Southern Africa has been written for all who enjoy nature and seek to learn about it. Its primary purpose is to enable readers to identify and name over 2000 wild plants and animals that they are most likely to find in southern Africa. Each chapter has been written by a leading expert in the field, most of whom have published major works in their own right. Each group is colour-coded for easy reference. The enormous wealth and diversity of wildlife in this subcontinent have long fascinated naturalists and scientists, and the national parks and nature reserves of the region have become internationally renowned. In the past, the reputation of these conserved areas rested mainly on the big game species, but today many people are aware of-and more interested in the entire diversity of nature and the complex plant and animal communities that constitute the ecosystem.

Content: Wildlife of Southern Africa

Scope and coverage
Arrangement of contents
The southern African region
Terrestrial biomes
Aquatic ecoregions
How to use this book
Lower invertebrates (Michael Musgrave; Michael Thayer)
Spiders and other arachnids (Astri Leroy; Michael Thayer)
Insects (Michael Musgrave; Michael Thayer)
Freshwater fishes (Paul Skelton; Dave Voorvelt)
Frogs (Vincent Carruthers; Michael Thayer)
Reptiles (Bill Branch; Michael Thayer)
Birds (Ken Newman; Christine Read)
Mammals (Peter Apps; Penny Meakin)
Grasses, sedges, ferns and fungi (Elsa Pooley)
Wild flowers (Elsa Pooley)
Trees (Elsa Pooley)
Further reading

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