Birds of Namibia. A photographic journey

Birds of Namibia is written with the insight and knowledge of an accomplished Namibian observer and, as a photographic journey, highly entertaining as well.
Burger, Pompie
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Book title: Birds of Namibia. A photographic journey
Author: Pompie Burger
Venture Publications
Windhoek, Namibia 2008
ISBN 978-99916-828-9-1 Namibia
Softcover, 21x30 cm, 220 pages, 400 colour photos, Text: English


When it comes to exploring natural and wild places to pursue a specialist interest, birders are a relatively large group. While most of them take photographs, good bird photographers are few and far between, and outstanding ones are exceedingly rare.

That Pompie Burger belongs to this last variety there is no shadow of a doubt, as the stunning images in this magnificent book attest. They reflect many years of painstaking, exacting and inspired photography, executed with a love and passion for the subject matter. And that is not all.

Pompie is also an exceptional writer, one who tells his story with an originality and flair that make the 35 articles contained in this book an engaging and informative read. They are written with the insight and knowledge of an accomplished observer, and are invariably laced with playfulness and an irrepressible sense of humour.

About the author:

Based in Windhoek, Pompie Burger is an orthopaedic surgeon whose part-time passion is photography, in particular wildlife. This regularly takes him to the most remote corners Namibia, resulting in riveting images that have won many awards.