Sperrgebiet of Namibia

A timeless tourist and nature guide to the diamond coast called Sperrgebiet of Namibia.
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Title: Sperrgebiet of Namibia
Author: Sakkie Rothmann
Publisher: ST Promotions
Swakopmund, 1999
ISBN 9991650261 / ISBN 99916-50-26-1
Softcover, 21x30 cm, 112 pages, countless photos, 2 maps


It is the Sperrgebiets environmental characteristics, its bio-diversity, its history, its fauna and wilderness landscapes, which forms the basis of the region's attraction to visitors. The Roter Kamm, Aurus and Klinghardt Mountain regions are of the most outstanding tourism areas of the Sperrgebiet where the whole spectrum of the diversity of the Sperrgebiet can be experienced. Think of an adventure, a journey to a distant land. Imagine setting foot where no man has been before. As the world shrinks, far-off places are suddenly so much closer. Voyages of discovery are packaged as holidays with flights, transfers and itineraries included in the price. Yesterday's hidden places have become today's family-oriented theme parks. There are very few places on earth where true exploration is still possible. Namibia, on the south-west coast of Africa is one of the last places that can still be explored. Visit this arid patch of Africa and weathered locals will tell you of highways and byways, and strange, inaccessible places. They will spend hours spinning yarns about encounters with endangered animals or solitary souls in the midst of what must be one of the wildest places on the face of the earth. So rich is the inspiration Namibia provides, that a number of best-selling authors have used the country's settings as backdrops for their epic adventures. Wilbur Smith and Geoffrey Jenkins are but two of them. Yet amongst the glamorous tales, one part of part of Namibia is still spoken of in hushed tones - the Diamond Coast, commonly known as the Sperrgebiet. In April 1908, in what is now south-western Namibia, railway worker Zacharia Lewala's eyes lighted on an unusual pebble. He handed it to his German railway gang foreman. It turned out to be a diamond. The fate of the territory was sealed. Soon the entry points were sealed too. Since that time the Sperrgebiet, 'the prohibited territory', has been a no-man's land to all but a handful of weathered men. […]