Namibia Calling: Reiner and Gillian Stommel's long journey to Otjikondo School

Namibia Calling tells the highly entertaining and touching story of the life of Reiner and Gillian Stommel and how they built up Otjikondo School.
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Book title: Namibia Calling
Subtitle: Reiner and Gillian Stommel's long journey to Otjikondo School
Author: Michael Schnurr
Publisher: Produktionsbüro Michael Schnurr
Sipplingen, 2011
ISBN 978-3-941602-61-8
Softcover, 14x21 cm, 173 pages, numerous b/w Fotos


In January 1968 a thirty five year old missionary from a small German village meets a twenty one year old well educated English girl on a bus travelling from Durban to Cape Town. This is the beginning of a great love story. The unlikely couple overcome all sorts of difficulties and realise a dream: in 1990 Gillian and Reiner Stommel found the Otjikondo Farm School for underprivileged children. This wonderful book traces the lives of these two people during Namibia's recent history with their unshakeable belief in education as the key to the country's future.

About the author:

Michael Schnurr, born in 1953 in the province Westphalia, Germany, holds a MA in History. He worked as an editor for a local newspaper and later as a freelance journalist for the press, radio and television. For many years he was joint owner and managing director of a film and television production company. He travels widely in Europe, the United States,
Northern and Southern Africa.


The Mission calls
Bound for South West Africa
Arrival at St. Michael's Mission Station
Childhood in Germany
Building St. Michael's Mission
A Break with Tradition
Childhood in Northern England
En Route for South Africa
The Meeting
A new Road
The Decision
Founding of the Otjikondo Farm School
The First Years in Otjikondo
As Guest of Queen Elizabeth II