Namibia’s Coast: Ocean riches and desert treasure

Namibia’s Coast: Ocean riches and desert treasure introduces the coast of Namibia in seven environmental chapters.
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Title: Namibia’s Coast: Ocean riches and desert treasure
Authors: Tony Robertson; Alice Jarvis; John Mendelsohn; Roger Swart
Publishers: Directorate of Environmental Affairs; Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Producer: RAISON Research and Information Services of Namibia
Namibia, Windhoek 2012
ISBN 9789994500161 / ISBN 978-99945-0-016-1
Softcover, 24x26 cm, 192 pages, countless photos and maps


Rugged, sometimes bleak or forbidding, and largely uninhabited, the Namibian coast is a fascinating and complex mix of richness and paucity. The warm and dry Namib Desert stands in stark contrast to the cold waters of the Benguela current which is so biologically productive. In combination, the ocean and desert provide a harsh and spectacular environment that remains largely pristine. This environmental portrait is divided into seven chapters namely introducing the coast of Namibia, weather and waters, foundation and landscapes, the coast itself, people of the coast, and economic resources and activities. The last chapter focuses on the balance between conserving the environmental beauties and heritage and the need for propsperous economic activity.


Introducing the Coast of Namibia
Weather and Water
Foundations and Landshapes
The Living Coast
People of the Coast
Economic Resources and Activities
From the Past to the Future
References and endnotes
Photo and image credits
Latin names

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