Song of the Namib

A nicely illustrated poem about the Namib
Davis, Jennifer
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Song of the Namib

Author: Jennifer Davis
Publisher: New Namibia Books
Windhoek, 1991
Soft-cover, 22x20 cm, 24 pages, throughout bw- and colour illustrations

Publisher's announcement:

An illustrated poem about the Namib that delights and brings to life the changing moods of the desert and creatures and plants for whom it is home. Jennifer Davis is a writer and artist who has taught in Namibia for six years, in Oshakati, Ondangwa and Windhoek. She is currently course developer at the Rössing Foundation Education Centre in Khomasdal. Robyn Davis, the daughter of Jennifer Davis, is an artist and illustrated this book.

From the text:

(Soo-oop-wa is a Nama name given to the sighing wind of the desert)

Soo-oop-wa, Soo-oop-wa, where have you been?
To the sea in the West with the waves of green.
Soo-oop-wa, Soo-oop-wa, what did you there?
I brought the fog in for the desert to share.
Soo-oop-wa, where are you going?
To play in the dunes, forever flowing.
Soo-oop-wa, Soo-oop-wa, why do you blow?
To scatter seeds that they might grow.
Soo-oop-wa, Soo-oop-wa, why blow from the East?
I bring heavenly gifts for a desert feast.
Soo-oop-wa, Soo-oop-wa, why do you moan?
In the waves of sand I can find no home.
Soo-oop-wa, Soo-oop-wa, why do you sigh?
I must find things to do; forever restless am I.
Soo-oop-wa, Soo-oop-wa, is the desert so bare?
Look closely, my child, you'll find wondrous
things there.


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