Wild Flowers of the Southern Namib

Wild flowers of the southern Namib includes plants which occur in the area of Lüderitz, Aus, Rosh Pinah, Oranjemund, Sperrgebiet and surroundings.
Burke, Antje
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Book title: Wild Flowers of the Southern Namib
Author: Antje Burke
Publisher: Namibia Scientific Society
3rd, revised edition. Windhoek, Namibia 2007
ISBN 9789991640723 / ISBN 978-99916-40-72-3 Namibia
ISBN 9783936858983 /
ISBN 978-3-936858-98-3 Germany
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 111 pages, numerous colour photos and illustrations


The southern Namib Desert is one of Namibia's harshest and yet botanically it is one of the most diverse areas in the country. The tremendous number of plant species - many of which look the same to the untrained eye - makes it very difficult to come to grips with them. It is this challenge that makes working in the area exciting and teaches to deeply appreciate the different ways in which plants have adapted to this extreme environment.

After many years of collecting and working in the southern Namib, Antje Burke has written this guide to Wild Flowers of the Southern Namib to share her experience with others who have an interest in our environment and particularly those with an interest in plants. Primarily designed to assist you in identifying some of the main groups and more common plants in the area, it also provides some background to the southern Namib.

Content: Wild Flowers of the Southern Namib

Environment and habitats
Plant diversity and endemism
Threats and environmental management
How to use this guide
Key to the groups of plants

Group 1: Stem Succulents
Group 2: Leaf Succulents
Group 3: Dwarf Succulents
Group 4: Shrubs
Group 5: Bulbs
Group 6: Herbs
Group 7: Grasses

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